Category: software

Demystifying Printer Errors: Troubleshooting Common Code

In today’s tech-savvy world, printers remain an indispensable part of our home and office environments, but dealing with printer errors can be a frustrating ordeal. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify common printer errors by providing clear troubleshooting advice, a detailed error code list, and specific tips for popular printer brands like HP and Epson.… Continue reading Demystifying Printer Errors: Troubleshooting Common Code

August 6, 2018 • HP security software

Beware Of Printer Malware

HP Inc has posted an update to address a pair of serious security vulnerabilities in its InkJet printers. The firmware update patches CVE-2018-5924 and CVE-2018-5925, two flaws that can be exploited by printing a file that triggers a stack or static buffer overflow, giving you the ability to then execute malicious code on the targeted… Continue reading Beware Of Printer Malware

May 10, 2016 • printing software technology

New Printerlogic Solution for Improved Print Management

PrinterLogic is the leading Enterprise Print Management solution for businesses of all sizes. Earlier this month, the company has announced the release of the latest version of its Printer Installer platform helping to optimize the management of the existing printers within the organization, to connect new printers to the corporative network easier, to provide multiple… Continue reading New Printerlogic Solution for Improved Print Management

December 31, 2015 • Samsung software

Samsung’s New Apps For Office Use

Science fiction movies usually show scenes of the future or imaginary world, where the specific environments are totally digitized. For example, The Giver (2014). Today, we’ve already got different elements, which could help us build such environments in future. They are smart house, building automation system and special Samsung project—the Smart UX Center—connecting the Internet… Continue reading Samsung’s New Apps For Office Use

December 8, 2015 • HP innovation software

New HP Protection Against Printer Malware

Earlier this year, we’ve already told you about the problems caused by lack of printer security protection. Printers could be used by hackers and just prankers for their purposes. The printers with the gaps in security could be infected with malware and send alerts and emails to system administrators, spam emails, documents printed earlier. MFPs… Continue reading New HP Protection Against Printer Malware

June 2, 2015 • printing software

SilverFast 8.5 Printer Calibration from LaserSoft Imaging

Callibration—is a way to optimize the work of a scanner, video monitor or an output according to a definite standard aiming to make color reproduction accurate and two for two. LaserSoft imaging represents its newly developed printer calibration tool to provide guaranteed color precision and image quality.

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