Samsung’s New Apps For Office Use

Samsung New Smart Printing Apps

Science fiction movies usually show scenes of the future or imaginary world, where the specific environments are totally digitized. For example, The Giver (2014). Today, we’ve already got different elements, which could help us build such environments in future. They are smart house, building automation system and special Samsung project—the Smart UX Center—connecting the Internet of Things’ devices at the office and organizing the seamless office ecosystem using mobile technologies. This results in improving workflows, simplifying and speeding up paperwork management.

Recently, Samsung has released 2 new apps for the Smart UX Center—Dynamic Workflow and RemoteCall—geared for Android-based devices and the Smart MultiXpress multifunction printers.

Dynamic Workflow integrates multiple app functions into a single workflow, e.g. multiple tasks such as scanning, optical character recognition and document distribution could be saved as a one-touch shortcut for future use. The app boosts productivity and saves time and nerves of the office workers.

RemoteCall is an app to provide remote troubleshooting service with an online specialist, who could control and diagnose tech problems via remote access. It allows on-screen drawing to mark important areas on customers’ screens for clearer communication, mobile chat with support representatives and a simple connection with a support specialist by entering 6-digit code. Remote service saves time and cost for both end users and Samsung’s partners by minimizing service visits.

Welcome to the future!

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