New Amazon Service For Printers

Almost every printer user has faced the need to change a printer cartridge one day. The red light indicates the lack of ink and the user plans when he/she can go shopping. Of course, many users are not lazy, but it’s always an issue. Recently, various printers have gained a special function of cartridge pre-ordering when it runs out of ink or toner. But this function was the deal between the user and the producer of the printer. From now on, Amazon provides this option as a retailer.

The Amazon contributes to the IoT (Internet of Things) by this. It sells printers of different brands (among which already are Samsung, Brother, General Electric, Brita, Gmate) with Amazon’s API connected to the shopping store. So now the printer communicates directly with and orders a new cartridge itself.

The user can pick the retailer of the inks from Amazon’s shopping site, but not the outlet where he/she can get them. Of course, it’s possible to disable the ‘replenishment’ feature and buy cartridges on other shopping sites or a face-to-face shop, but what for, if it’s all so convenient.

Amazon has already hit the IoT with its Dash buttons, giving a user direct access to the ordering of a single product or brand. But the Dash Replenishment is putting it on a new level as a system is connected with the device itself, which means no accidental pushes.
The company also plans to provide the option to other household appliances (e.g. ordering laundry supplies for washing machines).

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