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    History of Inkjet Printers Development

    The inkjet printer has come a long way from a supplementary project inside a hi-tech corporation to most popular computer printing device. If you own a printer at home, the chances are good it’s an inkjet printer. Nowadays, inkjet printers are the most popular printing device for home and small office use, but it has……

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    How to Detect and Fix Problems with Laser Monochrome Printing

    This article covers common issues that rise during the use of most toner cartridges. For practical purposes the cartridge examined is made by Hewlett-Packard and there are reasons for that. First, this brand has long been a leader on printer market. Second, cartridge refilling which is still widely used by small business and home offices.……

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    How to Detect and Fix Problems with Laser Monochrome Printing. Part 2

    Continuation of part 1 This time we shall consider toner cartridge defects, their aftermath and ways to fix them. Previously we found that cartridge consists of several part. Despite the small amount of parts, there are enough factors affecting quality of printing. 1. Organic Photo Conductor (OPC) OPC is also known as photo drum, drum, photoreceptor or photoconductor. On……

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    How to Detect and Fix Problems with Laser Monochrome Printing. Part 3

    Previously on “How to Detect and Fix Problems with Laser Monochrome Printing” we examined toner cartridge components and reviewed several possible reasons of printing problems. Today we shall pick up from where we left last time. 3. Magnetic Roller This roller in HP printer is a metal cylinder covered with special coating with a magnetized bar inside. This part rarely gets out of……

  • 7 Most Expensive Printers

    7. Ricoh Aficio CL7300DT The last position in the Top 7 of Most Expensive Printers belongs to the Ricoh Aficio CL7300DT which is a bit slower – only 35 pages per minute for full-color, and black & white. However it features much greater maximum paper capacity of 3,100 sheets and a duplexing unit. 200,000 pages……

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    What Is The Difference Between LED and Laser Printing Technology?

    Briefly, LED (Light Emmitting Diode) technology allows for smaller and more reliable printing devices no ozone when printing higher imaging precision information security To give it a detailed explanaition, I first need to tell what laser printing technology is. Laser printing is a common name for printing using method of dry electrostatic transfer. This method intents……

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    What 5 Percent Coverage Page Looks Like

    One of the important aspects to think of when choosing a printer or buying a replacement cartridge, is how much ink or toner that cartridge actually contains. Amount of ink or toner in cartridge is usually called cartridge yield or page yield. When you turn to see what the yield of a cartridge is, you……

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    A Good Way To Clean Clogged Inkjet Printheads

    The chances are, you, just like me, have an inkjet printer at home. The chances are you use the printer occasionally to print several pages of text or a bunch of photos. The chances are next time you going to use the printer, it won’t work for the printhead are clogged. Of course, the best……

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    How to Identify Genuine HP Toner Cartridges

    Previously we have established that original HP ink cartridges have at least 2 levels of protection: genuine labels and “best before” dates. How about the toner cartridges? Monochrome laser is the most common printing technology for offices. According to HP, replacement of a toner cartridges renews 2/3 of the whole printing mechanism. So it’s worth……

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    An Easy Way to Count Pages Printed

    Usually printer ink manufacturers say an ink or toner cartridge is enough to print this or that amount of pages. Little is known of how actually this number is defined. Yes, we know that they use a 5% coverage page and print continuously until a cartridge (or several cartridges – to get consistent result) is……

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    How to Calibrate A Photo Printer at Home

    Using your photo printer to the fullest does not require expensive equipment. This is a step-by-step guide for those who want to calibrate his photo printer at home. Ink + paper = something unexpected You should know that ink is either a solution of coloring agents or a water suspense of solid color particles. And……

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