Month: May 2017

May 23, 2017 • 3D design

3D Printing As Contemporary Art

  Modern designers have employed 3D printing technology almost since its invention. All kinds of art objects have been created with the help of the new technology—from 3D printed furniture, vases and figurines to faucets and kitchen utensils. The experts tend to call this phenomenon “a digital handmade”—a fusion of traditional crafts with cutting-edge digital… Continue reading 3D Printing As Contemporary Art

Toshiba Tec Hybrid MFPs

Crucial needs of modern offices in more efficient and eco-friendly solutions force the development of printing technology. It particularly concerns Toshiba tec with its Three Greens philosophy (greening of products, process and management) and its ultimate intention for producing ecologically-conscious devices. With the launch of its new   e-Studio5008LP series including 3 MFPs and one… Continue reading Toshiba Tec Hybrid MFPs

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