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Toshiba Tec Hybrid MFPs

Crucial needs of modern offices in more efficient and eco-friendly solutions force the development of printing technology. It particularly concerns Toshiba tec with its Three Greens philosophy (greening of products, process and management) and its ultimate intention for producing ecologically-conscious devices. With the launch of its new   e-Studio5008LP series including 3 MFPs and one… Continue reading Toshiba Tec Hybrid MFPs

December 15, 2015 • printer thermal Toshiba

New Toshiba Wireless Thermal Barcode Printer Line

Toshiba America Business Solutions—the world’s eighth-largest integrated electronics manufacturer—provides printing solutions, digital signage and managed document services for all-sized businesses. Recently, the company has launched its new desktop BFV-4 thermal barcode printer series represented by two models—BFV-4T and BFV-4D—providing wireless capabilities and advanced printing volumes by expended ribbon capacity. Available in both thermal transfer (BFV-4T)… Continue reading New Toshiba Wireless Thermal Barcode Printer Line

December 16, 2014 • printer Toshiba

New Toshiba Barcode Label Printers: Even More Fast and Robust

Toshiba Tec Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) is the leading provider of technology solutions for different industries like retail, business, education, manufacturing and hospitality. Meet the new cost effective and easy to use B-FV4 series printers for desktop labeling solutions. They aim for retail, industrial, logistics, healthcare, courier and commercial services and will help enhance productivity, while… Continue reading New Toshiba Barcode Label Printers: Even More Fast and Robust

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