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May 23, 2017 • 3D design

3D Printing As Contemporary Art

  Modern designers have employed 3D printing technology almost since its invention. All kinds of art objects have been created with the help of the new technology—from 3D printed furniture, vases and figurines to faucets and kitchen utensils. The experts tend to call this phenomenon “a digital handmade”—a fusion of traditional crafts with cutting-edge digital… Continue reading 3D Printing As Contemporary Art

July 12, 2016 • design printer

Stylish Printer “Paper” From German Designer [VIDEO]

A German designer Ludwig Rensch has created a prototype of a simple and stylish printer looking like a briefcase. The Paper was done during his diploma thesis as a college student—analyzing the problem of interacting with things and exploring the ways how the modern gadgets can be used intuitively. Though the device belongs to the… Continue reading Stylish Printer “Paper” From German Designer [VIDEO]

June 19, 2012 • design innovation printer

The Concept Of The Cylindrical Printer «Circle»

With all the undoubted merits of modern office equipment, there are significant drawbacks. Printers can be called one of the worst irritants: they are noisy, vibrating and generally take up too much space. And while all electronics have a general trend toward smaller footprint, it seems that printers are avoiding this trend. Korean designer Yang… Continue reading The Concept Of The Cylindrical Printer «Circle»

The Compact, the Stylish And the Sexy

Now, let’s get back from the world of innovation technologies to printer maker releases. The Compact HP unveiled a new flagship device to update the Photosmart series of compact printers – Photosmart A826 Home Photo Center. No need to say the new printers are designed to make your home printing experience easy and fun, that’s… Continue reading The Compact, the Stylish And the Sexy

July 25, 2007 • design printer

New Stylish Roller Printer

Have you lived long enoigh to remember how roller printer looked like? Now forget it, because here comes a roller printer you’ve never seen before! Jin Woo Han, a product designer from South Korea, realized his vision of a roller printer. The device is capable of printing on extremely long lengths of paper, so you… Continue reading New Stylish Roller Printer

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