3D Printing As Contemporary Art


Berto Pandolfo’s side tables
                                                                   Berto Pandolfo’s side tables

Modern designers have employed 3D printing technology almost since its invention. All kinds of art objects have been created with the help of the new technology—from 3D printed furniture, vases and figurines to faucets and kitchen utensils. The experts tend to call this phenomenon “a digital handmade”—a fusion of traditional crafts with cutting-edge digital technologies. The process could become a game changer in mass manufacturing providing an average consumer with one-off and customizable contemporary art objects.

Last month, an exhibition of an industrial designer Berto Pandolfo took place at Kensington Contemporary in Sydney, Australia. He shares the idea of combining emerging and traditional manufacturing methods and has represented furniture designs partly hand-made and partly 3D printed. Different parts of the furniture (side table legs in particular) are created using fused deposition modeling—a 3D printing production method which has found its place in the name of the project—MND. The form of table legs was being inspired by river stones, and they contrast with the smooth finish of the body of the table. The table itself is hand-made from kauri pine.

Will 3D printing make our everyday life things art objects and make our life more beautiful is still a question. But one thing is obvious—3D printing has already had a great impact on all of the production spheres of our time including contemporary art.

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