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July 1, 2007 • HP inkjet ISO standards printer

Not so long ago, in December 2006, International Standardization Organization finally gave us, customers, a single standard to estimate cartridge performance and thus the printing costs. Before that, printer manufacturers used various ways to determine how many pages a cartridge would print. It was merely impossible to calculate true sum money spent on cartridges during… Continue reading ISO Ink Cartridge Standard Has Flaws, HP claims

June 29, 2007 • cartridges printer technology

Long time ago printer makers armed with Gillette business model, charging small upfront price for an inkjet printer, but making up the money on selling that printer cartridges. In some cases, a set of cartridges could cost as much as the printer itself. So printer makers would live happily ever after, if it were not… Continue reading Printer Cartridges To Get Encrypted

June 27, 2007 • inkjet laser printing technology

Laser printing technology has long been a choice for medium and enterprise sized businesses, and that has been reasonable choice. Printing machines utilizing laser delivered high quality output at, which is crucial for larger businesses, high speed. Enter any corporate or government office to see those buzzing cubes of plastic cover and electronic inside –… Continue reading Laser Printers Are Doomed To Extinction?

June 26, 2007 • Canon inkjet multifunction

Canon Pixma MP530 is another ‘omnipotent’ device combining functions of printer, copier, scanner and fax. Just like most printers of this class, Pixma MP530 is designed to satisfy the need of home users or small office. However, there are, or I’d rather say, there are not, a couple of things that an office user might… Continue reading Canon Pixma MP530

June 21, 2007 • cartridges Epson inkjet inks research

Studies, researches and surveys… how little we would knew without them. Another test of ink cartridges efficiency was commissioned by TÜV Rheinland for Epson. The idea of the test was to find out how much ink is actually wasted every time a cartridge is thrown away. The thing is, many inkjet printer and multifunctions use… Continue reading People Throw More Than 50% of Ink Away, Epson says

June 14, 2007 • HP inkjet photo printing

London National Gallery exhibited life-size reproductions of Constable and Da Vinci on the streets of the city. The task of paintings reproduction was performed by Electronic Printing Services in Leeds. They say they were looking for a printing device that would make billions of pixel at high resolution. Steve Farley, Managing Director at Electronic Printing… Continue reading HP Brings Masterpieces to The Streets

Konica Minolta introduces bizhub C451, a next model in a series of next-generation bizhub products. This multifunction machine combines printer, copier, fax, and scanner, and provides a networked solution for high-end office workgroups and applications. Bizhub C451 features such Konica Minolta’s technologies as Emperon Print Controller, Simitri HD (High Definition) Color Polymerized Toner, and Biometric… Continue reading Konica Minolta bizhub C451

June 14, 2007 • OKI printing research

Whether we want it or not, technological advancements change our life, and we often forecast how upcoming discoveries would affect it. Just like voice recognition would make typing obsolete or a digital workplace would eliminate the need for paper. The rumors of totally paperless office future have been around for quite a long time, however,… Continue reading OKI Expects Businesses To Print More

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