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July 9, 2007 • HP Kyocera printer

Kyocera Claims HP’s Advertisement False

Kyocera, a Japanese printer manufacturer, has filed an official complaint with Advertising Standards Authority in the US blaming recent HP advertisement of being “disingenuous”. The ad for HP Color LaserJet CP3505 claims that HP laser toner cartridge is the only part of printer needing replacement. Generally, laser printers require a printing drum to be regularly… Continue reading Kyocera Claims HP’s Advertisement False

July 1, 2007 • HP inkjet ISO standards printer

ISO Ink Cartridge Standard Has Flaws, HP claims

Not so long ago, in December 2006, International Standardization Organization finally gave us, customers, a single standard to estimate cartridge performance and thus the printing costs. Before that, printer manufacturers used various ways to determine how many pages a cartridge would print. It was merely impossible to calculate true sum money spent on cartridges during… Continue reading ISO Ink Cartridge Standard Has Flaws, HP claims

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