What to Consider When Choosing a Brand New Printer

Hundreds of brands, hundreds of models – choosing a suitable printer can sometimes be a challenge. They’re not a cheap investment, so it matters that you get things right the first time around.

So, here’s a new blog just to help you on this topic! Here’s what to consider when choosing a brand new printer.

Printer Type

There are over 10 different printer types, but the ones that you’ll usually see on the market
include inkjet, laser, and multi-function printers. These are the ones that offices – both traditional and at-home – use for their daily tasks. You need to choose a printer type that aligns with your needs.

Inkjet printers are ideal if you need to print small, image-heavy documents like photos and in low volumes (an average of 16 pages a minute). Laser printers are better at handling text-heavy documents, and you’ll be able to print higher volumes (an average of 100 pages a minute).

Multi-function printers – also known as all-in-one printers – condense several office tools into one. These printers can handle several tasks including printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Multi-function printers can be either bought as inkjet or laser printers.

Initial and Operating Costs

It’s important to stick to your budget. The most realistic way to stay on top of your budget is to consider the initial and operating costs of a printer.

Don’t be fooled by the cheapest printers on the market. Cheap printers are known to only be functional with the most expensive toners and inks. But, you also don’t need to buy the most expensive printer to get your needs fulfilled. Your best odds are to find a printer that’s in the middle price tier.


Is there a warranty for the printer that you’ll be buying? All big-name printer brands like HP and EPSON offer warranties on their printers. In fact, almost every printer will come with (at least in the United States) a warranty that lasts for a year.

Type of Ink or Toner

Will your printer only accept original cartridges from that company? Or, will you be able to buy a third-party remanufactured cartridge? Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges aren’t perfect, but they are viable in most cases to help save hundreds on printing each month.

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Wireless Connectivity

Having to haul a laptop to your printer and back can be a serious pain. If that’s something you want to avoid, make sure to grab yourself a wireless printer. Consider if you need a printer that supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even Google Cloud Print. If you prefer a wired printer, most will come with a USB attachment that connects to your computer.

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