Everything Is 3D Printed—In A Restaurant


Several designers from Europe has recently teamed up to organize a pop-up restaurant where everything is 3D printed including furniture, cutlery and food. The Food Ink restaurant is now in London, and it appears to be an exhibition of a 3D printing technology during a daytime while anyone could watch 3D printers at work and try some snacks. And it becomes a boutique restaurant at night where visitors have to pay £250 for a 9-course menu and watch it cooked (printed).

The cutlery with smooth surfaces and clean lines was being created using Barcelona-based BCN3D Technologies’ printers. The architects Mamou-Mani has used a special Grasshopper 3D program and Hypecast’s Delta Tower printers to produce pale geometric furniture. And the Dutch startup ByFlow had supplied food 3D printers.
According to the project owners, 3D printing technology in the food industry is the best way to blur the line between science fiction and reality. The food was cooked by chefs of the Catalan restaurant La Boscana and was named obliquely like Cosmic Delight and Tetris Tapas. The menu included the fruits and vegetables of Catalonia in 3D printed form and different kinds of chocolate.

Now is too early to set up a permanent restaurant of this kind due to the fact that it’s too slow and expensive to cook this way. But the 3D printing technology is rapidly improving and there are already discussions with business to set up such restaurants in Dubai and Singapore. In the meantime, The Food Ink restaurant will visit different capitals from Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona in autumn to New York in winter.

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