5 Ways To Print Directly From Smartphone Or Tablet: The Mopria Alliance

Mobile Printing: Mopria Alliance

Almost all of the leading companies providing mobile printing and other printing technologies like Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Samsung, Nokia collaborate with the Mopria Alliance. This nonprofit organization aims to make printing from mobile devices of the maximum ease and affordability. Mopria Alliance develops applications with different printing functions. The company representatives think that if we’ve already got used to other functional printing technologies like that from OS Windows, why shouldn’t we get used to that from tablets and smartphones?

Mopria develops interfaces and protocols to create a universal mobile printing standards. They will be available on Mopria alliance compatible devices, and as times passes on all of the devices will support them, which will provide mobile printing from any printer. The gadget, which supports high Mopria alliance standards nowadays, is HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M476.

To get to printing is easy. You need a mobile and a printer both Mopria certified. No special apps or downloads. The printer should be switched on. Choose the needed document on your mobile deice and send it to printing. Everything is just the same as it is when printing from a PS now, no matter what tablet or smartphone you are using!

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