There Is A Reliable Way To Quickly Get Printer Cartridges For Less

Before delving into the details of the way declared in the title, we want to tell you a short story.

The Urban Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a man who got in charge of a large fleet of printing devices. And he would be happy ever after, unless one day his printers started to run out of toner. At first, the man was able to find cartridges for empty printers as they were easily accessible on the market. However, with more printers coming out of order, it was getting harder and harder to buy necessary replacement cartridge in one place.

Further on, he had to run around all vendors looking for a specific item. As time went by, the man spent more and more time seeking toner since the printers did not get upgraded and old cartridges became harder to find. Not to mention he could not remember vendor he previously purchased from. Finally, the man could not take it anymore and, tearing his hair out, he escaped to a desolate island to be lost for all humanity.

It’s a fairytale, but it could have been a reality.

The Harsh Reality

If you have one printer, you’re just a happy owner. Same is true for 2 or 3 printers. But once you have dozens on printers to take care of, things get out of control easily. offers a way that would’ve helped our imaginary man keep his sanity and cope with all the hardships of repeated cartridge replacement. We believe it would also help you.

The Bright Future

The idea is simple. You place a fancy logo on your site in exchange for a personal discount on whole range of our cartridges inventory. The logo is also a reminder of where you previously bought cartridges — you’ll never forget your site’s domain name, right?

So what’s next?


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