Another Study Proves Laser Printers Guilty

Previously, I reported a study by Australian scientists that proved laser printers may be high-volume ultra-fine particles (UFP) emitters, and that these particles may be hazardous to health (heart problems and lung disease.)

Canadian Broadcasting Company sponsored its own study on that issue.

The research was conducted in three different locations in Winnipeg by placing particle monitors above printers in the offices. Basically, the results of this new study support those of the Australian study: laser printers do emit ultra-fine particle in large volumes.

In the three offices, 20 to 42 per cent of all printers tested were found guilty of polluting the air. 27 per cent of the printers in that study were considered high emitters, or printers that emit more than 10 times the UFP than was found in the ambient air. The amount of UFP concentrations returned to normal levels within one to two minutes after reaching its maximum.

Breathe deeply, no reason to panic yet. 27 per cent is not “most,” it’s just “some” printers. Besides, simple precautious measures of ventilating your room and sitting away from working printer, will make you heart and lung serve you longer.

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