Four Most Sustainable Ink Cartridges

Need to Go Sustainable?

Sustainability is a major buzzword today, one both businesses and individuals need to consider whether out of genuine concern or for that of their public image. If you’re looking for ways to make your printing process more eco-friendly, you’re in luck! While no ink or toner can be completely free of harmful chemicals or contain all renewable resources, we’ve come a long way in the last few decades.

Whether you’re looking for Algae Ink, a specific brand, or just seeing what your options are. These four companies are doing great things with sustainability in the printing industry!


Hewlett Packard is a major name in computing and printing, and as such they’ve had to stay on top of sustainability or lose customers. 80% of Original HP ink cartridges contain at least 45% recycled content, and their higher capacity cartridges means you have to order less, using less packaging and transportation. 100% of their toners also contain recycled content.

Through HP’s recycling program, customers can send in their used cartridges for the company to process. Through this program, the company has seen a 73% reduction in carbon footprint, a 70% reduction in water usage, and a 69% decrease in energy usage.


Epson is spearheading a company-wide sustainability initiative. They’ve set goals for 2050 to use 100% renewable energy, use no underground resources, establishing “high-added-value” recycling technology, and eliminating waste in their packaging materials. They’re actively participating in conservation efforts (of loggerhead turtles, for example) and promoting biodiversity.

Epson’s toner cartridges are certified by the International Standards Organization as eco-friendly, and they have a recycling program buyers can participate in. Clearly, there’s no guilt when buying Epson toner and ink cartridges!


Canon is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of all their products throughout that product’s entire lifetime. From their raw material acquisition to production, distribution, and recycling, Canon is using the most modern and non-invasive methods of production through their “Lifecycle Assessment Methodology.”

They are working toward net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and have already decreased their emissions by 40% since 2008. They are reducing supply chain demand (and thus the use of oil), and have saved “around 135,000” shipments by consolidating the locations of their stock. They’ve also reduced the size of their products an average of 35%, saving you space and using less resources. Canon ink and toner cartridges are a great way to support sustainability while meeting your printing needs!


Headquartered in Japan, Kyocera is at the forefront of the sustainability movement in the printing industry. Most of their cartridges are made from plastic and are completely recyclable, and their toner powder contains no harmful chemicals or residue. Their ECO FootPRINTTM program recycles their returned cartridges into things like park benches, pens, and other items people use every day. From eco-friendly materials to their recycling into useful items after the product’s life, Kyocera ink and toner cartridges are a great option for the sustainability minded professional’s printing needs!

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