Printer Repair Costs FAQ

Printers are like any other piece of machinery. Whether you have an inkjet, thermal, or laser printer – they may require repairs from time to time. Sometimes, you can finesse and put your DIY skills to work. But, other times, it’s just better to call in the professionals. We’ll be discussing the latter today.

Below are a few common questions (and answers) regarding professional printer repair costs.

Q: What Problems Should Printer Technicians Look At?

There are a range of problems that a printer technician can solve. This includes repeated paper jams, network connection problems, printer belt issues, smudging, printing blank pages, not turning on, and other malfunctions.

Q: How Much Will Printer Repairs Cost Me?

Printer repair technicians will charge anywhere between $40 – $100 per hour, and they’ll also charge for parts. For most common printer problems, you can expect the repair to take 1-2 hours to complete.

Q; Should I Replace Or Repair a Malfunctioning Printer?

As a general rule, we recommend replacing your printer if it costs less than $200 and you’ve used or taken out most of the ink. Or, if a replacement part costs more than half of a printer’s original value, we recommend replacing as well.

Q: What Other Factors Affect the Cost of Printer Repairs?

Other factors include the type of printer, the extent of the damage, the service plans that are offered, and if a travel fee is applicable.

Q: Will Printer Technicians Come to Me For Repairs?

Printer technicians will either visit the client to make repairs or they’ll request that the printer be brought into their repair shop. Generally, printer technicians will come to you if the printer is hard to transport and large. However, there is a travel fee which is approximately a dollar per mile.

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