Here are 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Ink and Toner

When our printers aren’t working for whatever reason, the first thing we blame is often the printer itself. But, don’t forget about your ink and toner too. Buying the wrong ink and toner can lead to a headache, wasted money, and an inky mess. Want to avoid all of this? Below are 5 mistakes to avoid when buying ink and toner.

  1. Buying From a Bad Source

    Like anything else you buy online, it’s important to check that the shop is credible and qualified. If you shop recklessly, the best you’ll likely get are inferior products. And, the worst? You might find yourself working with a company that has no intention of sending any product in the first place. 

    Our point is that it’s important to buy ink and toner from a credible source. Make sure that the company has reviews and a positive online presence. Additionally, see if the company is a member of organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

  2. Read the Manual

    We’re not saying that you need to read the entire manual, but at least take time to read the important parts. Fail to read the instructions and safety, and you’ll find yourself at an immediate disadvantage. A manual will clearly outline what inks and toners are compatible with the printer – removing the guesswork out of the buying process. You’ll find capability statements in the make and model sections of the manual.

  3. Overpaying for Your Ink

    Don’t get us wrong, buying directly from the printer’s manufacturer isn’t all bad. It guarantees that you get the product that you paid for, and without doing any research at that. The printer’s manufacturer provides a level of security that some buyers prefer, but it isn’t the smartest financial choice.

    Manufacturers will sell ink and toner at a higher base value than other stores, and this can add up over time. Buying from an independent supplier will net you cheaper ink and toner, but remember our first mistake. Do your research! This way, you can benefit from high-quality ink and toner without breaking the bank.

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