Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Wide Format Inkjet Printer

Canon PROGRAF printers have always belonged to the category of high-quality office equipment, which is in special demand among fans of art printing. Canon has rolled out the new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 wide format inkjet printer and recommends paying attention to some of the advantages of this model that distinguish it from the previous ones. The advanced PRO-300 model has the potential to pique curiosity and interest, primarily regarding the printer’s profile, which makes it easy to find a location for the machine.


Compare the Canon PROGRAF Series wide format printers with PRO-300 dimensions. For the former, models from 13 inches wide to 60 inches long are the norm. The PRO-300 is the smallest of this line: it is 13 inches wide and 39 inches long. With these capabilities, the PRO-300 can occupy an area that’s 15% smaller than that required by previous devices. This parameter is one of the advantages of the PRO-300, since maintaining a free working area for everyone is a problem that doesn’t lose relevance.

It should be noted that PROGRAF PRO-1000, on which many rely as a reference, is a high class, solid and prestigious printer. It has the ability to maintain image quality under a heavy load. The PRO-300 printer, which is the successor to the PRO-1000 and retains all its qualities, will be especially convenient in the field of art, provided that 13 inches wide by 39 inches long is sufficient for the project.

The printer has a three-inch liquid crystal display with which you can monitor print status and other parameters. On 13-by-9-inch Photo Paper Pro Premium, it prints in about four minutes. To some, this may seem pretty slow, but keep in mind that conventional office printers are in many ways inferior to the Canon PROGRAF PRO-300 printer, namely in print quality, especially if you need artistic printing. Using nine-color inks, the Canon PROGRAF PRO-300 provides smooth color transitions and detailed images with advanced technologies that help avoid clogging of cartridges.

The new Premium Fine Art Rough cotton paper can also be used to print perfectly three-dimensional images. If you work with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, the advanced software built into the printer will allow seamless printing.

A printer is a necessary device, not only for the office, but also for working at home. Therefore, the number of those interested in office equipment is not decreasing; demand is constantly growing. In this case, the improved PRO-300 model will bring inspiration and satisfaction to many user groups, including those who are fond of photography and fine art.

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