Inkless MemoBird Printer [VIDEO]


Do you think there’s still a room for paper notes to remind of important things, in these times of electronic devices? If yes, then there’s a right, well, electronic device to make notes you’ll hardly forget. It’s an ink-free printer that is just $60 (or even less).

MEMOBIRD is a tiny mobile thermal printer for people who miss handwritten notes or those who want to give their loved ones a little something extra.

It’s a compact printer that lets you create your own lists, reminders, heartfelt personal notes, or practically any other kind of messages with absolutely zero ink. Think of it as the equivalent of telegrams in the modern age.

Paper reminders are less likely to be missed. You can organize your thoughts, print out important things, then stick them anywhere you need to be reminded. Put your to-do list on your desk, put your grocery list on your door, or even learn new words in any corner of your home.

The printer connects to both your phone and the internet via Wi-Fi. That means you can print locally to it (reminders, shopping lists and so forth), but also share it with friends and family. I could see giving a Memobird to the grandparents, then having everyone in the family send little notes and greetings.

The app lets you create notes very easily, complete with any mixture of text, stickers, doodles and photos. You can also install templates for things like memos, lists and labels.

It can also send and receive paper messages from any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with or without an internet connection, and print them. The printer works through a separate app that’s compatible with any iOS or Android device.

Check out how it works!

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