3D-Printed Lipstick Applicator For Perfect Makeup


This one is for the lades.

3D printing is conquering ever more aspects of our lives, even those you wouldn’t immediately think of. Researchers in the U.K.’s Cosmetic Science Group at London College of Fashion have been exploring the use of additive manufacturing for a whole new industry and application: makeup.

In a newly-published study in the Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetology, they describe the use of 3D printing to produce personalized makeup, more specifically lipstick. The work involves both 3D-scanning and 3D-printing technology to produce a lipstick applicator which perfectly matches the lips of the wearer, meaning no more mirrors necessary to apply it.

Here is a quick description of the process.

At first, a high-quality scan of an individual’s lips is made to get a digital image. Then the image is processsed to get a three-element digital model: a lipstick base, mold and cap, and manufactured using a 3D printer.

A lipstick formulation is then poured in the mold and the lipstick base adjusted to the top. The inner part of the mold has a unique shape that perfectly matches the lip contours of the individual.

The idea of using 3D printing to create super customizable makeup, as well as the application process, is brand new. It makes perfect sense, too. If we already use 3D printing to make other consumables, why couldn’t it also be utilized to disrupt the $445 billion beauty industry?

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