‘HangPrinter’ Making a Tower of Babel [+ VIDEO]

The whole world is rather excited about 3D printing. The scientists from different countries are trying to adopt the technology for different industries’ needs, make it cost-efficient. Very often the news come from top and less famous universities announcing the new 3D printing projects and researches. Founded in 1965 Sweden’s fifth oldest university—Umeå University—is no exception.

This year it has launched its new 3D printing technology research and is testing a novel hanging printer within it. The activity includes the production of a low-cost 3D printer that will increase flexibility to print large volumes and its testing. The latter is being provided in the Umeå Arts Campus—Sliperiet—where the three-and-a-half metres 3D printed Tower of Babel is being produced by the newly invented machine.

All the parts of the gadget except of the energy source are mounted on the mobile device which doesn’t have a box, rails or a frame and suspend from supportive structures (like walls of a building in this case) on thin fishing lines. The construction allows to print objects of any height as long as there is any stable surface of the needed height nearby.

The absence of the frame diminishes the printer cost to about 200 EUR and opens new opportunities at printing large volumes horizontally and vertically. Moreover, the HangPrinter can be adapted for different materials and could be equipped with sensors for greater precision and outdoor use.

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