The Fairly-Priced New Matter Mod-T 3D Printer


The last couple of years, 3D printing was growing up, and since than, the producers are doing their best trying to make 3D printers more affordable and suitable for mass market. They improve the technology, providing the devices with decent print quality, robust and user-friendly, in the accessible $400 price segment. One of them is the Mod-T 3D printer by New Matter.

It’s very easy to set up and operate the device as everything is done from a trouble-free web app. To print a 3D object you should complete the usual steps: to pick or upload a 3D model and to place it on a virtual plate. The construction of the printer is rather different from the usual ones due to a steadily placed head so that it stays in the centre of the hood and moves only vertically as each layer is extruded while the build plate is moving under the nozzles. This allows to chepen the production cost and to diminish the noise level. The large clear hood of the device makes possible to produce big 3D objects and to observe the printing process. The printer is using PLA and is said to print with the resolution of 100 microns.

All the above marked we should place on the “plus”-scale of the balance. On the other scale is the fact that this 3D printer can’t produce highly detailed objects so it can be used only by the beginners and won’t satisfy hobbyists or 3D designers. But everyone is free to decide under this fair price ($300 on Amazon and it comes with one spool of the PLA).

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