3D Printers Lending A Helping Hand To Disabled Kids

3d printed hand for kids born without one

No doubt, children are usually more easygoing and adaptable than adults, and being born without a hand, of course, leaves its imprint and causes moral pain, but accepts easier by children than an adult being injured at a mature age. Being different from the others is a great challenge to any person especially of a young age. Children can taunt and mock their differently-abled schoolmates, but from now on the situation will be totally different as the scientists from the Huston University (belonging to a local chapter of eNABLE Community Foundation) provide children with 3D printed upper-limb prosthetics.

Recently, a third-grader from Huston area Rafael Esquivel has got his new 3D-printed hand. He says that his classmates from Lakeland Elementary in Humble now envy him and want to cut their arms off to get a 3D-printed one instead. The prosthetic is made of plastic and allows to hold objects of different sizes and even do the monkey bars. It takes about 25 hours to produce a hand like that and costs about $35. And even with this, the UH eNABLE group is said to never charge for the prosthetics it makes. The group has already helped different children to gain more normal life and is ready to help the others.

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