3D-Printed Shoes Are Now Reality


Not so long ago, a new start-up was launched. It is a fashion start-up—the tech cobbler company Feetz. The main goal of it is to 3D-print and sell shoes. And though the business exists about two years and the distribution is not very big, the company has already got its clients, constant income and steadily moves to change the ways goods are ordered, made and sold in this industry.

The company has 15 employees and about a hundred 3D printers $5,000 each. Each machine is named after a popular cartoon character: e.g. Scooby-Doo or Wonder Woman—as we can assume, just for fun. And it takes about 12 hours to make one pair of shoes. Though with shipping costs to pay, no back inventory and limited labor, the company has a 50% profit margin on every pair.

The ordering is done via the online shop. With the special app, any user can download for free, one should photo his/her feet and create a 3D model, which then is send to the producer. The shoes are produced from a recycled material, their design can be chosen and they cost $199. This new way of producing shoes is a great news not only to those who are the fans of personalized style, but also for those who have problems with finding the precise size of the shoes (e.g. petite or big and tall).

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