Epson’s FastFoto Scanner With Revolutionary Speed [VIDEO]


Recently, Epson has released a new scanner breaking the mould in scanner industry. We have used to the gadgets that are bulky and slow. On the contrary, the new scanner is capable of scanning a photo per second and possesses compact and stylish design. Moreover, the FastFoto FF-640 features advanced functions meeting the demands of modern users.

For example, it automatically scans two sides of the photo in one pass and saves them in organized order on a hard drive saving time and making easier to find the files. Or it produces two variants of the original photo: the one as it is and the other—enhanced with Smart Photo Fix (SPX) Technology eliminating the red eyes and improving the colors. The FastFoto can also share the scanned files through the social media or send it to a cloud. The novelty as well aligns a photo and there’s no need to crop the scanned photo additionally which is very handy for most of the users.

The Epson FastFotoFF-640 is compatible both with Windows and Mac OS and is already on the market for $649.99.

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