3D-printed Pills


“Once it’s started, it’s hard to stop”,—one can say about the implementing of the 3D printing technology to all the spheres of a modern everyday life. Producers of medical pills have turned their attention to the possibility of printing pills on the 3D printers. The method has already been tested and the production of pills in such a way has several valuable advantages.

First of all, the pills can be created to instantly dissolve on the tongue with a sip of liquid. Without kidding, 50 percent of the patients don’t take their medications as prescribed partly because of problems with swallowing pills. Today there is already one such pill created by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals and approved by the FDA—Spritam, an anti-epilepsy drug.

Secondly, the technology allows to produce high-dosed pills while maintaining rapid medication disintegration. In vain, traditional production methods using compression forces or molding techniques have limits of pill doses.

Thirdly, the result is very patient-friendly. Thanks to 3D printing, the producers can get more reliable and customized control over dosing, flavors, size and even colors of pills, which can be useful for children, the elderly, or the physically impaired. And the pills can be produced right where they are needed—at hospitals or pharmacies.

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