New Lexmark Office Printers Created with Special Business Strategies

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Lexmark—though a well-known printer industry player—doesn’t gladden its customers with its novelties very often. But when it does, the new products are totally client-oriented and use up-to-date innovations making life easier. This time, Lexmark has launched 7 new models of printers to broaden its 700 and 800 series of A4 and smart multifunction printers. The models are geared towards small, mid-sized and large businesses at once.

The two Lexmark business strategies are the following:

  1. To provide small offices with 700 series A4 printers, which need greater functionality due to increasing demands from the head office for the satellites to use more capabilities. Meanning that the small offices need to scan and print at higher volumes with the same ease, employing the same as earlier space and energy. For these purposes, Lexmark new devices provide similar to home-office printers ink and toner cartridges and special casing design with an access door located in the front of the machine. This simplifies the device operation and allows to solve paper jam problems without IT-help.
  2. To provide large enterprises with A4-sized printers with the A3 printers functionality. According to Ron Wells, global product marketing manager for Lexmark, large offices very rarely or never print on A3 paper, but use such capabilities as high-yield consumables and the advanced finishing capabilities (stapling, binding and hole punching). The new Lexmark CX860 MFP provides this functionality together with the larger toner bottle for 55,000 pages and up to 60 ppm print and scan speeds, occupying less space and offering a lower cost of ownership.

Moreover, the new Lexmark printers have a tablet-like adjustable touchpad with a familiar interface that can download specific for the printer applications from Lexmark’s application database, which is similar to an app store, decresing the time to learn how to operate it.

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