MiniOne Home 3D Printer Popularizing The Technology

3D-printing technology is a hot trend among specialists of definite professions and hi-tech lovers, but for the biggest part of the population it is still a new territory. The price of the printers is high, and it needs much effort to acquire the skill of managing the printing process. But the producers of 3D printers by all means try to expand the market. An appealing strategy a Chinese firm— Longer3D Technology—has chosen. It decided to launch the miniOne Home 3D printer through JD Online Shopping Mall, one of China’s largest online markets aiming for wide audience instead of narrow 3D printing community.

The two general advantages of the miniOne Home 3D printer are emphasized: ultimate user-friendliness and compact stylish design. A professional designer more likely will prefer unpresentable, but functionally advanced model, but “ordinary” user will  undoubtedly choose aesthetically pleasing and compact (thanks to a special foldable mechanism) device with basic functions as the miniOne Home 3D printer is. Moreover, it gives access to a full collection of diverse 3D models, is operated through smartphone software and provides easy 3D printing literally in one click. The novelty is said to be priced of $300 and we hope could become a new household device.

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