New Trend: 3D Printing Cafes

3D printers still need more popularizing for individual users in spite of all the Internet articles and special expos. Nice way to solve this problem have found in Europe. It’s cafes where amateur 3D printing lovers and just curios citizens can drink a cup of coffee while getting acquainted with this printing technology. One can simply print a 3D object or even attend design classes on this subject. The idea is spreading around the world and heads toward the US.

As an example we can name “DimensionAlley” in Berlin, “ofmakersCAFE” in London and “FabCafe Global” (5 cafes worldwide including Barselona).

DimensionAlley “specializes” on making 3D gifts. Every customer can make a gift for himself or his relatives/friends. Here people are trying the technology and become aware of its practical potential (objects not just for decor, but for some practical use – e.g. cigarette or cellphone holders).

By the way, owners try to keep prices reasonable to attract the beginners, but much depends on the type of the cafe printer. The price varies from $8.43 for half an hour in Berlin to $13.50 in FabCafe Barcelona.

Some cafes begin to work as printer sellers too as they connect interested users with printer retailers. According to the cafe owners it’s much more fun to create 3D objects in such social environments, share the ideas and learn new stuff. Food, drinks and like-minded people contribute to the special atmosphere. Good news is that one of such cafes opens on Manhattan, New-York at the end of this summer!

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