Various Home Printers Fighting To Give Food a New Dimension

3d Printed Spaghetti

The developers of the 3D printing technology are always searching for the new ways to implement it in everyday life of individual users making this life easier, more interesting and different from that of the previous generations. One day a simple 2D printer with an ordinary output of documents and photos may shift its place of residence and move to the kitchen.

There are already big production printers in food industry as well as small confectionary printers which create chocolate, decoration elements for cakes, pastas and pizzas. For example, the printer from Natural Machines comes with five stainless steel food capsules that can be loaded with fresh ingredients, such as dough, cheese and sauce in different ones for a pizza (with the only condition for sauce not to be too watery). Or another new 3D printer from Natural Machines can make a cracker in less than 20 sec, pizzas in about 5 min and chocolate sculptures in half an hour (and will be available this year for about $1,300 to professional users such as cafes, restaurants and catering companies).

But the idea of “preparing” everyday dishes with the help of a kitchen printer doesn’t leave the designers’ minds.

It may open a new era in healthy eating as the products used in such printers will be all fresh. But the technology must overcome a number of hurdles like affordability, speed and food safety, before it has any chance of going mainstream.

One of such machines belongs to 3D Systems, a Rock Hill, S.C., which plans to introduce its first printer for food in 2016. The ChefJet Pro printer will focus on desserts — geometric candies, cake toppers and sweets. Good luck to all the researchers trying to make this futuristic projects our present!

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