New Continuous Inkjet Printers From Videojet Technologies


Have you ever noticed extra-small barcodes or highly-legible alphanumeric multi-line codes on different products (small-diameter cables, integrated circuits)? It’s hard to imagine, but there are printers capable of printing them on very small items. Two new Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers from Videojet Technologies—the 1650 High Resolution (HR) and the 1620 HR—aim exactly for such needs in the electronics, components and cable sectors, as well as other industries requiring ultra-small printing capabilities. The models belong to Innovative 1000 Line High Resolution Series and offers smaller, better contrast codes than traditional micro printing systems.

Though the printing space is limited and the media vary very much, the special technology is needed. The enhanced micro printing capabilities of the two new models provide the production of high-resolution characters as small as 0.6 mm in height at speeds up to 348 meters per minute, helping to optimize traceability without compromising line productivity.

Both Videojet machines feature:

  • The 40 micron nozzle,
  • Precision Ink DropTM technology (meaning that the nozzle operates at over 100,000 drops per second),
  • Videojet CleanFlow™ technology (reduces ink build-up on nozzle ends),
  • a range of specialized halogen-free inks, which offer abrasion-, temperature- and chemical-resistance,
  • the Smart Cartridge™ fluid system (ensures only the correct ink is used),
  • a needle and septum to draw ink from each cartridge (eliminates the risk of spillage, maximizing ink usage and reducing waste).

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