Metallic Gold And Silver Toner In Latest Fuji Xerox Printer

Fuji Xerox Color 1000i Press

Next month Fuji Xerox is launching its new high-end digital production printer in Japan (and after February 6 it will be shipped across the Asia Pacific). The Color 1000i Press is essentially different from the previous model the Color 1000 released in August 2010. It aims for high-end professional market, prints 100 ppm, uses media of up to 350 gsm and upgraded software.

Acoording to Fuji Xerox, the 1000i is the first xerographic printer, providing both silver and gold metallic toners. This will give broad opportunities for creative design and make catalogues, flyers, direct mails, postcards and business cards more catching and professional-looking. This as well will help enhance business productivity, improve workflow by adding printing applications, provided by new colors of toner.

The special Emulsion Aggregation technology, used in the new gold and silver toners, simplifies the process of achievment of the metallic appearance and all the actions (usually produced by offset printing) can be made on this single-production printer. Moreover, for the first time the technology allows to print with gold and silver on dark-coloured media. The new cartridges are said to be compatible with other Fuji Xerox printers like the Color 800 and 1000, when fitted in the white or clear slot.

The 1000i includes Fuji Xerox’s full width array software which automates printing adjustments, including colour calibration and front and back alignment. The recommended retail price is 35,000,000 yen.

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