EFI Innovative Ink Formula Changes Game Rules On The Soft Signage Market


EFI™ is one of the world leaders in client-oriented digital printing innovation and it is its VUTEk® GS3250LXr Pro LED printer running SuperFlex Ink, on the base of which Orbus Exhibit & Display Group has developed more productive, qualified fabric-printing capabilities for the growing “soft signage” market.

Orbus has been using traditional UV and dye-sub inkjet printers, but the technology doesn’t suit best the special needs of this market’s production. The new VUTEk printers and SuperFlex Inks are flexible enough for the fabric-printed soft signage, could be reused, folded, backlit, and raise the quality and usability of the output on the new level.

Two new roll-to-roll inkjet printers (3.2m VUTEk GS3250LXr Pro LED and 5m VUTEk GS5500LXr Pro LED) employ EFI “cool cure” LED technology. They cure ink at lower temperature than other machines, which makes possible printing on flexible media, films and fabrics. SuperFlex Inks ensure the widest range of colors, their extended durability and 150% elongation. The “cool cure” technology is nature-friendly and allows to reduce costs and energy consumption by almost 82% than other superwide-format printers with conventional mercury arc lamps due to the other method of curing ink.

Watch this video to see how this works:

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