New No Cartridge Epson Printers Already On The Shelves

This month Epson has launched a new line of printers in the UK. The novelties don’t use ink cartridges at all and are equipped with a new ink system.

Epson Eco Tank L355 and Eco Tank L555 will help to reduce costs significantly, comparing to usual ink printers. They are able to work without the refilling for about 2 years or to print 4000 pages in black/white and 6500 in color. The models do mainly for individual home use and small offices.

Each printer has side-mounted tanks, where the 4 CMYK-color inks are stored. The whole construction is user-friendly. The tanks are easily refilled single-handed; the 70 ml ink bottles of each color accompany the new printers.

According to Epson, now one can get high-quality color and monochrome printouts at incredibly low price due to the Micro Piezo Printhead technology and the original Epson inks. There is no need to deal with unauthentic cartridges or inks and cause harm to the gadget.

The both models provide coping and scanning capabilities, Wi-Fi and mobile printing capabilities. The superior print speed of 9 ppm enhance office workflows. Moreover, the new multi-copy function is available and allows to make of up to 20 copies of one document in single strike.

The models are already on the shelves in the UK.

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