3DPrinterOS: World Uniting Cloud Service


Once the 3D printing technology has been invented and adopted for individual use, numerous brands began to manufacture different models of 3D printers, experimenting with price, functions, materials and sizes to find the best one to match users’ demands. Now the next period has started, when all the invented machines should be unified in some way to make the 3D model creating, customizing and printing itself simple, intuitive, affordable and available for anyone.

The newly created solution—3DPrinterOS—appears to be just like this. It is the software system compatible with popular 3D printers (including Makerbot, Ultimaker, RepRap). It is available from the existing OS like Mac, Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. The software allows to just send over the original files and print them at once. The producers aim to to make it a one-click procedure. With this service the user will be able to skip so many difficult for a non-professional actions like: there will be no need to convert your files into 3D models, than send it to a slicing service, use a design repair program back to your PC or configure printer setting. You can already try it online.

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