Xerox Supports Anti-counterfeit Actions Around The World

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Recently, Xerox, a well known printer producer, has announced its support of raids and assuming measures against counterfeit production manufacturers in several countries of Asia, America and Middle East. The company is famous for its strict brand protection in order to provide the best service. Xerox encourages its clients to report suspicious products and to check the special security labels, while buying toner and ink cartridges (they read “Genuine” under a certain angle).

Xerox helped to fight the black market, where cartridges appear to be the main counterfeit product. Counterfeit toner could cause unsatisfying output quality, rising of the running costs or even damage of a printer. The worldwide impact to counterfeit production selling is between $3,5—5 billon every year.

This time, Xerox succeeded to confiscate 1500 boxes of laser cartridges in China and 1000 boxes in Brasil, while they were marked as authentic. Cartridges together with product identification materials and false security labels were confiscated in Turkey (about 1000 boxes) and in Londrina, Brasil (1000 boxes as well).

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