World’s Largest 3D Printer

World's Largest 3D Printer

The Chinese continue to surprise the world. This spring a printer for “building” houses was announced. And now an enormous 3D printer with an X and Y axis of 12 m x 12 m (almost 40 feet each) is showed off. It happened on the 2nd World 3D Printing Technology Expo in Qingdao, China, which took place on the June 19-22. The expo gathered individuals and companies, interested or involved in 3D printing industry, from all over the world, including the US. The novelties, materials, spheres of application and more were discussed during the expo time.

The “World’s largest” 3D printer was created by the Cinese company Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd, which is famous for its 2D and 3D printers. The producers’ plan is to print a huge replica of Beijing “Temple of Heaven” – about 7 m in diameter and 8 m in height.

What more is unique about this gadget it’s the material it uses. The combination of fiberglass and graphene occurs to be extremely strong. In future, the printer could be used to construct houses. The technology is improved to do it in one go. Also the Qingdao may not stop here and create a bigger machine for this purpose.

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