Cheapest 3D Printers Ever Now For Everyone

New Matter MOD-t 3D printer

Funny thing about the advanced technologies, one day they almost always become mass-cultural. It’s like telephone and radio in the beginning of the last century. Everybody were talking about progress, broadening the horizons and making life much easier and interesting. Fantasts imagined such things in novels, and we live alongside them and think them usual. Mobile phones, Internet. And now the 3D printing is becoming a part of everyday life thanks to a new startup.

The startup called New Matter is a co-foundation of technology incubator Idealab (Pasadena, California) in the name of Bill Gross and serial inventor Steve Shell. They have begun a 35-day Indiegogo campaign. A new 3D printer, MOD-t, is available under the price of $249 (to some limited early supporters – under $149). After it is over, the printers could be bought on the internet-shop, where 3D-printable designs could also be bought and sold. They are planned to be both customizable and unique, from the artists and well-known designers. The database will include useful items as well, that could be “done” by yourself, but not bought in a shop.

Steve Shell is sure that the market and the technology are ready to make the capability of 3D printing available for the mass use. The cost saving was achieved by the improved engineering.

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