Brand New Epson TM-T70II Receipt Printer and OmniLink Smart Solutions for POS

This year, Epson, famous for its cut-edging technologies, implemented in different types of printers, introduced several point-of-sale printers (among which is TM-T70II) and the latest solutions with the expanded capabilities.

Epson TM-T70II

The OmniLink Smart Solutions provide a wide range of functions from in-demand web-based printing and cloud printing and services to peripheral connectivity (via USB ports) to special PC POS systems. New applications and variants of configuration are compliant to existing technology. These solutions help to raise the retailer business on a new level.

Epson TM-T70II belongs to a thermal receipt printer class. Essential features, which put this model above the nearest competitors, are its space-saving size and height, high print speed and convenient operating from its front. Due to the TM-T70II low-profile design, one can put it anywhere in a small space of a counter or mount the printer under it. No additional space is needed, because paper is loaded and dispensed from printer’s front, where all the controls are as well. The owners will also appreciate paper saving options, variety of paper dimensions, multiple connectivity and two-year limited warranty.

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