Cloud Printing From Mobile Devices

Though the necessity of printing on a paper has diminished with the expansion of mobile devices, this function is still needed. If a printer has an option of Wi-Fi connection, printing is not a problem for any smartphone. But the bigger part of traditional printers doesn’t have a Wi-Fi, and here the new software can greatly help.

One of such programs is Presto (earlier named FingerPrint) from Collobos Software. It supports such operating systems as Android, Chrome and iOS and allows to work with printers, connected to computers with Windows (a version for Macintosh will appear in august 2013). Another – ThinPrint Cloud Printer from Cortado – is already Windows and Macintosh compliant. Both programs are free, but the paid versions with advanced functions are available.

Both Presto and ThinPrint send a print job to a computer, which sends it to a connected printer. As a matter of fact, other brands suggest similar solution, but they have limitations. For example, a system of ePrint from HP are compatible only with HP printers. Apple AirPrint program supports more than 700 printers of different brands, but it is powered only by iOS. Google Cloud Print service is available only for users of Chrome OS browser or mobile applications of Gmail and Google Docs.

As for Presto, it has bigger flexibility. After a quick installation mobile devices detect a printer automatically – and you can send a print job. Furthermore, the program supports Cloud Print service and provides integration with Google products.

ThinPrint is more oriented for office documents printing: there is no function of printing from mail and web-pages and no Cloud Print integration. Although one could print images from iOS or Android photo applications. It’s for a user to decide which program to chose, according to a device functionality and personal needs.

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