Unusual Printers To Make Life Brighter

Printers have become an ordinary part of everyday life, but there are people, who have invented some new ways of using printing technology like the following.

Messages and images on the flower-buds

With the Flower Jet printer short messages, images and even greeting cards could be printed on the delicate natural flower petals, not causing any damage to them. One more perfect way to surprise your loved one. In the box with the printer come 5 oil bottles to prepare the flower-bud surface to printing, a book of diverse designs and a cartridge with special ink.

Petit mobile printer

BERG Design Studio, London introduced Little Printer. It’s a tiny black/white printer which is operated from a mobile device. It has an Internet-connection and will print messages from an RSS. Little Printer connects to iPhone or Android through Wi-Fi and outputs news feeds and updates from Social networking services, sms, blog posts, list of errands, point of destinations from foursquare, birthdays or even Sudoku. The design of the printed text is rather funny: the messages are separated by smileys.

Confectionary printers

The technology of printing on food and cakes is quickly developing. For example a printer-copier Modecor Decojet C2 could make edible images on cakes, pastry and candies using black/white and color cartridges with edible ink. Circuit cake printer is able to cut different shapes, numbers, letters for decorating. It looks like an ordinary office printer, but outputs figurines of gum paste, marzipan, dough, icing and waffle. The device could save several types of designes in memory, and the base cartridge volume is enough for 600 shapes.

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