Epson TM-C3400BK Inkjet Printer for Printing Labels

Epson has announced the release of the TM-C3400BK inkjet printer. This compact desktop monochrome device is designed for printing stickers, tags and labels. On the manufacturer’s note, the device is widely suitable for marking in the fields where the durability of printed materials is a key factor. Epson TM-C3400BK prints durable stickers on a variety of media widths from 30 to 112 mm, including plain paper, uncoated and matte coated paper. Epson TM-C3400BK was created to expand the product range, which already includes the Epson TM-S3400 model.

The printer uses Epson’s proprietary pigment inks DURABrite Ultra. Images created with these inks are not affected by smearing, fading and are waterproof. They remain intact even when used outdoors and in poor storage conditions and retain the color even when subjected to direct sunlight. All this makes the Epson TM-C3400BK suited for tasks such as labeling materials in science laboratories and logistics warehouses.

Unlike thermal transfer printers, the Epson TM-C3400BK inkjet does not use ribbons for the mirror image transfer. This reduces the possibility of unauthorized information leakage printed on the device. This is highly important for areas sensitive to privacy security violation, e.g. medicine and public services.

Given the printing speed of 92 mm/sec and a built-in paper tape cutter, printing 100 labels will take about 3 minutes. Incorrect printing and gaps in the images are not possible with automatic printhead testing (AID), which detects clogged nozzles and cleans them before printing.

Designed for simple installation, use and support, Epson TM-C3400BK is serviced from the front, equipped with one high-capacity cartridge to avoid frequent replacement. The printer comes with a special Windows driver software package. The package allows for easy integration into automated printer labeling system in the company and the direct management of the application.

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