Samsung Introduced SCX-3400 Series MFP

Samsung Electronics annonced it’s rolling out several low-cost MFPs of SCX-3400 series. According to the developers, the newcomers are designed primarilyfor small businesses, are easy to use and reliable in operation, offering numerous capabilities of printing, scanning, copying and sending / receiving faxes at reasonable price.

As noted, the devices are designed to be cost effective and environment-friendly. One Touch Eco Button activates a cost-effective printing mode, allowing you to reduce power consumption, toner and paper to work more effectively. What is more, devices are equipped with a proprietary Easy Eco Driver  solution, which enables custom settings for cost management. For example, in one of the tabs of Eco Driver application, users can choose not to print  unnecessary images and text without changing the original file, which further reduces the use of toner and paper. Even greater savings are realized through printing up to 8 slides / pages on one page. Results Simulator tab displays the expected results of reducing CO2 emissions, as well as the current lever of power consumption, paper and toner for the document to print. In addition, by changing specific settings, users can view in real time the expected printing costs and the impact on the environment depending on the setting used.

It is also noteworthy that the newcomers are supplied with the Easy Printer Manager application, which provides monitoring of MFP in real time, and also provides data on the printer maintenance, ensuring prompt and accurate reporting. Printer models of the SCX-3400 series use a single integrated management program to allow user control other proprietary MFPs on a single screen. This solution is also convenient to remotely manage the device, which is important when using the MFP in the office.

SCX-3400 series  multifunction printers use Samsung toner cartridges,  presicely model  MLT-D101S that’s enough for printing 1,500 pages, and are shipped with 700 pages starter toner cartridge.

Since mobile printing is becoming increasingly important aspect of modern business life, SCX-3405W and SCX-3405FW modification come with a network interface, enabling users to view and print files from any mobile device that has the Samsung MobilePrint application installed. While traditional methods using PIN require multi-step procedures for configuring a wireless network, Samsung WPS wireless setup feeature makes it possible to connect MFPs to the LAN throung access point or router in just 2 minutes. In addition, the  Wi-Fi Direct function allows connecting mobile devices that support this technology directly to the MFP without any access point, bypassing the complex processes of setup and configuring the device.
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