Cellular Wall Printer – Android-Device To Make Virtual Wall Real

How do you like the idea of moving the wall, an integral part of today’s social networks, to the real world? Liat Segal is obviously a fan of social networking who wants to leave messages for friends not only on the virtual wall, but also on quite tangible one. To do so, Liat invented Cellular Wall Printer, a device resembling good old impact printers.


The device is a combination of an Android-smartphone and servo motors, the latter control the movement of each of the seven markers. An “adapter” between the phone and motors is the IOIO programmable board. The Cellular Wall Printer receives messages on a smartphone (SMS, Twitter or Facebook), which it prints on any wall (or surface, for that matter).

The inventor claims that the device copes with printing well even when the printer operator moves. You can get the whole idea by watching this video:

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