3D-Printers: Now In Space

As of today, all that we send into space is made here on Earth, and considerable money is spent on transportation of object to orbit. In sci-fi movies, we’ve seen orbital plants and factories building stations, ships, etc. Why can’t it be like that today?

Experts of the Made In Space company will try to find answers to this question. However, in their plans, orbital factories are replaced with 3D-printers. The goal of the guys is to launch an array of industrial 3D-printers that will produce (that is print) parts of the space shuttles and space stations.

According to representatives of Made In Space, manufacturing in space will save both money and time. Moreover, if the technology take hold and justify itself, it will be possible to organize the 3D-enterprise on the Moon. Perhaps it is thanks to them that colonies will be able to produce construction materials for buildings and robots.

Jason Dunn, co-founder of Made In Space, believes that all things for space are better off built in space.

At this stage, Made in Space professionals engaged in the evaluation of different models of 3D-printers, which can be used for the goal. Besides, test models of plastic parts are being “printed”.

One of the biggest challenges of the company is to make printers workd steadily and produce high-quality components in zero gravity. The Made in Space intends to resolve this issue within next 6 months.

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