Urbee: First Car Printed With 3D-Printer

Specialists from Kor Ecologic and Stratasys decided not to dwell on success achieved by other companies and attempted to use a 3D-printer to print a real car.


Futuristic Urbee promises to become the first ever car “printed” using the Stratasys Dimension 3D-printer and Fortus 3-D Production System solutions.

A full-scale prototype has not yet been completed. Nevertheless, engineers can already boast of prefabricated elements body cars, including glass.

Despite the weird appearance, Urbee has many advantages. For example, one gallon of gas this car can travel on highway 200 miles, and 100 miles in the city.

As designed by the engineers, Urbee can be powered not only with liquid fuel, but also by electricity. Cars can be recharged using an ordinary outlet, solar or wind energy.

It is expected that the unfinished prototype of the car will be exhibited during the SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association) motor show in Las Vegas.

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