Each Photo Has a Story

Do you often visit your grandma? Love to hear her stories of old days and watch her old photo album? Just think, here she’s 25 years, here she’s 16, and there she is merely a child! Each photo has a unique story behind it, with each photo some experience is connected. Unlike now, when any $50 phone has a built-in camera… To help you remember all these stories comes a new device called the Photo Album Story Teller.

Photo Album Story Teller

The gadget is very similar to most ordinary pepper-pot, but in fact is something of an intellectual voice recorder with camera. Hover it over interesting photography, and the device tells a story connected with this photo. Of course, the story should be recorded in advance. Unfortunately, nothing fantastic can be expected of this toy, it scans not the picture itself, but a color marker – a label that is applied to the picture beforehand. These labels come in 500 pieces bundled with the device. The power for the device is supplied by three AAA batteries, which should ne purchased separately. Photo Album Story Teller is worth (or is it?) $99.95.

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