Want To Look Larger? Print It Larger!

Wide format printing

The Brother Company had a study conducted in a controlled environment to determine consumers’ reaction to promotional materials and the influence of printed material. It has beenĀ  found that the printing on A3 format usually provides a competitive advantage, and, moreover, allows small companies to produce the impression of larger companies.

The study was conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman, one of Europe’s top human behaviour psychologists and a best-selling author.

The results show that companies using the wide format A3 printing for marketing materials look 21% more successful, 13% more competent and 12% larger than companies printing on A4 paper.

Commentign on the results, Professor Wiseman said that they were impressive, and they suggest that people make important conclusions about the company in few first seconds by viewing the promotional materials.

Professor believes that people probably don’t realize that they associate more wide-printed materials with more successful companies, and thus more inclined to deal with such organizations.

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