HP Printers First To Support AirPrint Direct Printing

The release of iOS version 4.2 in November Apple device will enable iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to support new technology AirPrint, which will allow these devices to wireless printing. “AirPrint represents a powerful new system for printing, with the ease of use comparable to iOS – no need to download, install and configure the drivers and additional software — said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing at Apple. – Users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can one touch print documents and pictures wirelessly to printers HP ePrint or other devices for printing, connected to your Mac or PC”.

AirPrint finds available in the local area network printers automatically and allows you to send documents for printing via Wi-Fi. Here it is worth noting that the first support for direct printing with HP printers will support the service online printing ePrint.

“We are delighted to be working with Apple to include support for technologies AirPrint a new line of printers ePrint, we are releasing this fall before the holiday shopping season begins – emphasizes Vayomesh Joshi, executive vice president of printing and digital imaging software with HP. – The main objective of HP – to open the users to easily print the data at any time and anywhere. Members iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will appreciate the ease and convenience of instant printing pages on our new series of printers ePrint”.

According to Apple, the AirPrint technology is compatible with most modern printers – ranging from home inkjet and laser finishing office. Also, the iOS 4.2 devices can print on printers shared by computers running Mac or Windows.

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